Thursday, March 19, 2009

let's go fly a kite

The kids and I hit one of our local parks yesterday with a picnic basket full of goodies, a kite we'd bought last year for spring break, a blanket and some nail polish. Yes, nail polish is needed by certain teenagers when attending a picnic. I never knew soaking up some sun, enjoying some really tasty fried chicken and kite flying required precisely painted toe nails, but it does. Three of us now have taxi cab yellow toes.

Although the breeze didn't cooperate, we did manage to keep the kite aloft for short intervals and basically just had fun being together outside and away from the house. We didn't hike the boardwalk as the youngest is still recovering from his toe situation.

Hubby is staying home today and tomorrow and we may actually head south on Friday for a visit to Oxford, MS. We've never been down to Ole Miss and seen their town square. I hope it works out so we can take that drive. He is studying for a test and with all of his travels hasn't been able to cover enough material.

Speaking of material.....I finally forced myself to write the article for the spring book sale. For some reason I had a mental block right at the start with this request. I managed to get a first draft completed yesterday and hope to wrap it up today after I get a couple quotes from Friends who work the sale. I do hope donations are up a bit this week. We desperately need donations.

I also need to remember to pick up a book I placed on hold at the library. It is the second in the Robin Hood trilogy, "Scarlet." Looks like I will have some good reading for the weekend.

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Kim Smith said...

Oh! YOU should so let me know about Oxford! The kidlet will be home this weekend, but if there is anything you need to know we can pump her for info :)