Tuesday, March 3, 2009

hounded to death

Sister Jane Arnold rides off sleuthing in yet an other mystery from Rita Mae Brown. "Hounded to Death" is the latest in Brown's series books featuring Master of the Hunt, 73 year old Jane Arnold. I love these stories for a number of reasons.

1. The heroine isn't young in age, but is definitely young at heart.
2. The stories feature dogs, birds, horses and foxes who talk to each other and wish the humans could truly understand them.
3. I enjoy learning about what makes a good hunting horse and a good foxhound.
4. The cast of characters is always well rounded, vivid and unforgettable.
5. The mysteries are always solid, the writing is clean and simple and the books read quick.
6. Sister Jane has opinions and isn't afraid to share them!

Even though the books in this series could be read as 'stand alone' books, don't. Go back and find the first ones and read from that point forward. Brown does an excellent job of growing Sister Jane's world and you don't want to miss one chapter, one book in that journey.

After I finish one of these, I want to take hunt seat riding lessons. I took western seat lessons for a couple of years, long ago....and loved it. Then I got engaged and had to start saving those extra pennies for the wedding!

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Kim Smith said...

I have often thought to read these books and haven't done so yet. Thanks for the suggestions!!