Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ghost at work

My friend Anne read this book and did a very nice review of it on her blog. Anne is one of my 'followers' so click on her link and go read it for more details on this novel. No point in reinventing the wheel, so I'm not going to do a lengthy overview of the novel. Carolyn Hart's latest mystery series begins with "Ghost at Work" and I'm delighted to know that we will be reading more about Bailey Ruth Raeburn and her involvement with heaven's Good Intentions Dept. This was a wonderfully plotted mystery peopled with great characters, plenty of local color and a heavenly heroine. Hart is the author of the Death on Demand series and the Henrie O series. Think I will be checking out this writer's backlist. She's good.

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Anne's BLOG said...

We'll have to watch the donations in the Book Store, and maybe pick up some more Carolyn Hart books there !