Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the play is the thing

If you know me, you know I'm not a huge fan of musicals. So, when the middle kid said she was trying out for the spring musical at the middle any good Mom, I cheered on her efforts and then wondered to myself, exactly what type of singing would I be subjected to over the course of the next several months? It isn't that I don't like music. I do. I just don't get the whole 'stop the action and burst into song' concept in musicals. My only two exceptions are Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews and Andrew Lloyd Weber's, Cats. I could watch those two musicals any day of the week...especially Mary Poppins.

Fortunately, she earned a role, but didn't have any 'solo' vocal performances. She only had to practice lines and not songs. And as it is the middle kid, she did all the work without any prompting, cajoling or bribery. She is totally self motivating and quite the Type A personality, if you buy into that concept.

Last night the oldest kid and the youngest kid and I sat in the auditorium and watched this production of Grease. The kids did an amazing job. The audience clapped, laughed and cheered in all the right places. The teachers in charge of this endeavor may need a trip to a posh spa to recover, but they did a wonderful job of giving these students a taste of the theater. The choreography was cute, the sets were adorable and the costumes were nicely done.

Our "Patty Simcox" looked prim, proper and the perfect know it all....after the show, she loved her dozen roses and devoured a good chunk of triple chocolate cake at one of our favorite eateries down at the town square.

Whether or not she has the 'bug' is to be seen. The local high school has a well regarded and ambitious drama department.

Who knows? More musicals may be in my future.......


Anne's BLOG said...

I'll bet that was a fun performance. It's a beautiful auditorium, a historic place - if you will. I can't even begin to count the performances -plays and band concerts- that I've been in and/or attended over the years in that place. Glad it was a success!

Liz said...

It is a neat place. The molding on the walls and around the stage couldn't be created today. It is fun for me to think of my kids being a part of such a wonderful aspect of that building's history!

Kim Smith said...

How fabulous! I hope the bug has bitten! drama rules!