Monday, March 9, 2009

fuzzy headed

I keep telling myself I really don't mind the time changes in fall and spring, but the fuzzy headed feeling that seems to last for a few weeks isn't pleasant. This morning the coffee can't brew fast enough.

I had a lovely visit yesterday with my friend Kim. I wish my schedule allowed more free Sunday afternoons.....we could sit and visit and then browse the shelves for hours and hours.

Up this week, only soccer practices, no games. The next two weeks are spring break vacations for local schools, hence most teams will be down players and it is difficult to schedule games for that reason. We also get to witness the theatrical debut of the middle kid. All of her hard work is about to pay off as she takes the stage on Tuesday night for the first time. I need to hit the florist and have a big bouquet of flowers for our 'star.' The oldest has a couple of projects to finish this week; third quarter is always loaded with projects. The youngest finished his first ever bowling league and is ready to sign up for more. Thank God we finally found something 'sporty' he enjoys! Although I think he'd rather analyze why the ball spins the way it does and the trajectories of the ball instead of actually knocking down pins. It will come in time, I'm sure!

The "I, Mona Lisa" book I started to read is ready to head back to the bookstore. I have read it took a few chapters, but when Leonardo Da Vinci is given the task of finding Guiliano Medici's murderer, it finally set the alarm bells off. I remember thinking, "Cool, Da Vinci as a sleuth!" Good book, but with so many other books out there, I'd rather read something new. We had the opportunity to see Guiliano's shirt from the day of the murder at an exhibit in Memphis shortly after we moved here. He was stabbed to death in a cathedral in Florence. His brother, Lorenzo, carried out swift and final retribution for his brother's murder. But, the book goes into all of that with a nice side plot about young Mona.... check it out!

Oh, thank goodness....the coffee is finally ready! Happy Monday :)

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