Wednesday, March 18, 2009

no trip to an 'ist' today

Yesterday was day two of the dentist and orthodontist visits,plus we added in a visit to the podiatrist as the youngest had a very nasty looking ingrown big toenail. Out it came and now I'm nursing his toe for the next several days.

I hope we don't have to grace any local waiting rooms with our presence today. No trips to anyone whose career ends in 'ist.'

The oldest is reading "Midsummer's Night's Dream" for her honors English class. She is enjoying it and seems to get the humor Shakespeare employed in his comedies. I borrowed a movie version from the library, the one with Calista Flockhart, Rupert Everett and Michele Pfeiffer. I told her we'd watch it as soon as she finishes the play. While the youngest and I were at the foot doctor, she watched "The Da Vinci Code" with her sister....they had fun seeing Paris again via the camera lens.

Not sure what we will do depends on the foot outlook. Once I know how much walking he is up to, we may picnic and haul out the kite if the winds are favorable.

Best news today, a library meeting was called off. I was dreading this one and am so glad it has been canceled.

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