Monday, April 1, 2013

waiting game

Now that my long awaited spring break is over it is time to start the waiting game for the end of the school year. Wow. The school year is ending? It seriously seems like we just started.

As busy as the next month is going to be, I know that the oldest will be home from school in what will feel like a week. The middle one will be getting ready to graduate as will the youngest. We have so many events coming up that my calendar needs extra space just to note all the stuff happening.

I had a wonderful 5 days off. Really couldn't ask for anything better. I was able to visit with friends, enjoy some down time with my hubby and kids, and move through the days at a much slower pace. Perfect. I had a wonderful time with the oldest and we were able to get her shopping done for the 2013 Rush at her sorority and not break the bank! Got some great bargains.

While I normally dread Mondays, I'm not feeling too bad about this one. Time to get back into the routine.

Here is a goofy picture we took yesterday of our attempt at the awkward family photo. Happy Easter Monday. Or, as they call it up north where we are from, Dyngus Day!

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Kim Smith said...

Love the photo! Glad you had some good restful days off. I did as well. Hope your week flies by!