Tuesday, April 9, 2013

hail cards

Even though I'm a Big Ten girl, I am very happy to see that the Louisville Cardinals won it all last night and defeated Michigan for the National Championship.

I'm glad for Kevin Ware. I'm glad for the rest of the team. Heck, I'm even glad for Pitino.

Kudos all around. I'm going to have to send an email off this morning once I arrive at work to one of the gals I know who works for the university. She will be so excited.

Speaking of excited, tonight is the senior art exhibition at the high school. We will be attending to view the middle kid's art. Fun stuff!

It is going to be a very nice day today, it might even reach 80! Then, because we've had 4 decent days in a row, it will rain and storm tomorrow. The weather people are already pumping up the double, super, dooper, doppler for the big weather event they are predicting to hit us on Wednesday. Ugh.

Today is my best buddies oldest kid's birthday. This young lady is 22 today and she was quite the topic of conversation at my wedding as her mother was my matron of honor.  This child is the only one of my friend's six children to arrive on time! We all swear she was danced out at our reception.  So, Happy Birthday to K.E. Glad you waited 3 days so your mom could stand up with me!!

Off into Tuesday I go.

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Travis Erwin said...

We have your cruddy weather today. #0s with 50mph winds and sleet after hitting 90 degrees yesterday.