Wednesday, April 17, 2013

review time

It is time for my annual review. I had to complete the self evaluation portion yesterday and my manager was working on the actual review. It was a team effort. He hates writing reviews, although he told me that mine was fairly easy to write as this is the first year I've been in this position and it is really the first year for the position itself. We have begun several new projects, including the magazine, so there is quite a bit to talk about.

I never minded writing reviews when I was in management. There was always something new to talk about as banking was in a constant state of change. We always had new procedures, new products, new teller programs, I could use to create a review. We had measuring sticks for performance whether it was cross sell ratios, teller balancing records, or audit considerations.

This will be my second review with my group as I was given an 'exit' interview and review when I left the foundation side for the association side.

Wednesday is here!

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