Monday, April 8, 2013

soccer, art, and random stuff

The Rondo Express played two matches yesterday. Up first was the team the oldest daughter played for last year. The score was 0-0 at half, but Ajax eventually got a break away and managed to tap one in for a goal. We lost 1-0. The good thing is that we get to play them 2 more times this season and hope is high that we can come away with a win or two in those matches. 

The second game finished with a much better result as we won 2-0. The middle daughter game so close to scoring on two occasions, had some amazing crosses and assists, and even played in the goal for a while. It is so much fun to watch this group of kids enjoy the game. 

Her beau asked her to prom on Saturday via a game they play, Clash of Clans. Very cute. I talked with his mom at the game and she is going to host all the kids again for the pre-prom 'dinner' like she did last year. The kids want finger food-heavy appetizers again, so that is what she is going to plan. Not sure if I will do all the desserts like last year, or something else, but she will let me know what she needs help with.

It was a long afternoon of soccer. Lots of sun-kissed noses and cheeks even though the skies were cloudy and gray for most of the time we were at the field. I was very glad I put some sunscreen on my arms and neck. Hubby wore his big floppy hat. All good!

The middle kid has her senior art exhibit tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Both girls are good at drawing and painting. Skills they did not get from me. 

The boy hasn't had much homework or any projects of late as they are gearing up for TCAP. He loves TCAP week. No homework at all. I think he views those tests as a challenge to see just how well he can do on them. I always liked standardized testing weeks, but back in the day, we took the Iowa Basic Skills test and the prep for them was nothing like what they do now. 

Here is Monday. Here we go into yet another week. Full speed ahead.

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