Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My beloved Hoosiers did not manage to get beyond the Sweet Sixteen this year, but the team I picked to play them in the final did and has perhaps become the team of destiny due to a horrific broken leg. I had picked Louisville to be the team IU would face in the final. I still have hope L'ville will make it to that game even though IU will be be watching it from B-town.

L'ville faced Duke (my strong dislike for Duke continues - it is totally irrational, but I just don't like Duke) and during that game Kevin Ware broke his leg. It was horrific, gruesome, and worse than you could even imagine.

It seems that his surgery went really well and I saw pictures of him up on crutches and moving around a bit yesterday. Amazing. I hope that young man has a total and complete recovery and can get back on the hardwoods playing the game he loves.

We have been so very fortunate with our girls. We never had serious injuries to deal with during all their years of playing soccer. The oldest had a few stitches once. Both had rolled ankles. One had 'turf toe.' A few deep bruises. But, no torn ACLs, the most common severe injury I've ever seen in soccer girls.

Let's hope the luck continues as the middle kid finishes off her soccer career. Her Rondo Express Team has another match on Friday. Looks like the weather will be perfect for watching my favorite group of young ladies take to the pitch.

Off into Tuesday we go!

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