Thursday, April 25, 2013

out to lunch

The boss and I are taking one of our editorial advisory board members out to lunch this afternoon. The gentleman is in town for a meeting at our office and we are 'stealing' him away for a bit to enjoy a meal and conversation.

This man is always so positive in his emails and during our conference calls. The entire office comments about how pleasant he is to work with and how NICE he is.  He has been so supportive of the new magazine and I'm looking forward to chatting with him in person. He is also conducts very interesting research on circadian rhythms and 'light at night.'

The week has flown by, as I knew it would. We've been busy at work. I have been working on two different power point presentations for the executive director. I have one to finish up today and then we can begin editing/adjusting. It is a multi step process when we work with her on these.

The June issue of the magazine is coming together in we are putting the files together for all the pages. This is a very interesting process for us as we didn't do that part of it last time.

Yep. It is Thursday. Let's go!

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