Thursday, April 11, 2013

reading update

I am still trying to clear off my Nook. I fell off the wagon a bit and did check out a couple of books from the library. What I've read of late.......

"Exiles in Time" by Sarah Woodbury: I really enjoy this self published author and the time travel novels she has written about medieval Wales. With this title, she took us north into Scotland. These are also alternative history novels as her characters are changing the course of history in their alternate realities.

"The Colour of Milk" by Nell Layshon: I picked up this very short novel, it is really a novella, at the library. It is an interesting read and a gripping story. Sort of depressing, but fascinating too. The story is told by a 15 year old farm girl who is sent to a rector's house to assist the rector's ailing wife. Her voice and her observations are consuming.

"I am Half-Sick of Shadows" by Alan Bradley: Flavia is at it again. I adore this character. She's smart, she's witty, she's just fantastic. Yet another murder mystery to solve for Flavia.

"Eternal Kiss of Darkness" by Jeanine Frost: Frost never disappoints. Quick, action filled reads featuring her brand of vampires. This one is about Menchares, an Egyptian pharaoh, and Kira Graceling, the human who 'saves' him. Very much a potato chip sort of book....can't stop reading, but not a lot of brain food there. Fun!

So, that is what I've read the past few weeks. Still trying to stay on my goal for the year, I better pick it up a tad.

Happy Thursday.

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