Tuesday, March 26, 2013

my friday

My Friday starts today! Woot!

I  had a very busy day at work yesterday and today is going to be more of the same. We are trying to finish reading all the submissions and get them ready to go for the June issue of the magazine. Ugh. I had to read one yesterday on a cage washer. Fun stuff.

We are also having a meeting on the new communication department calendar. The second in command is trying to back door another department and allow us to do what they are supposed to be doing. Right now each department does its own marketing, emailing, etc and there is no coordination of effort. It irritates me to no end when folks don't work 'smart.'  He happens to agree and wants to change the approach that has existed for years. He wants us to become, once again, the communication-marketing department and have us  orchestrate what leaves the building whether it is in an envelope or in an email.

In other news, I have a library board meeting tonight to go over FY 2014's budget. This will be interesting as well. The library is starting to plan for expansion and has asked the Friends to give the Town 25K to help kickstart planning. The Town is also putting in 25K. The money will be used to begin the design process as well as fund public outreach efforts to build support for the expansion.

In other news, the lady who lead the literacy committee I served on last year for the town wide reading program has  lost her husband. He was diagnosed with cancer in January and he died on Sunday. I need to check the paper for his funeral arrangements.

Just a mixed bag. But, with having three days off from work, plus the weekend, I'm eager to get the day in front of me underway!

Happy Easter. I'll be back next week.

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