Monday, April 15, 2013

two wins

It was truly a win-win. Team Rondo beat the previously undefeated Team Ajax 1-0 on Friday night. It was a match to behold. Tough, gritty, fast, FUN! Ajax boasted an unbeaten record for 3 seasons until that match. Yay RONDO!!  The kids were thrilled and it was tons of fun to see them so excited.

Then on Sunday, Rondo won again 4-2 over another CSA team. Again, fun to watch....until late in the second, the darling middle kid went up to head the ball and collided with a boy. Down she went. A few scary moments, but she was/is fine.

We have also sorted out the birthday, graduation, etc. festivities for the end of the year. She is going to have her b-day party on her b-day and keep the guest list to the small side. Then, at the end of July, we are going to have her graduation/off to college party. So, we can send out her graduation announcements now. Whew. Too much going on in a short period. I'm glad we have this all scheduled and now we can relax a bit.  Her boyfriend is having his graduation party the day after her birthday and should be back in town for her party by the end of July. He is off to work on a farm in the delta for a month and a half. Should have seen the look on his face when he thought he might miss her party. One sad young man. Well, it is all solved now.

The boy gets confirmed this week! Hard to believe. Off to the cathedral we will go on Thursday.

Should be a quiet week beyond that. I did a ton of cooking on Saturday, so we have real food to eat this week. It was great grilling weather, so we took advantage of it.

Enjoy your Monday!

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