Monday, April 29, 2013

ummm, do over?

I could really use a do-over for this weekend. Not that I want to do the same stuff, I just need two more days to get stuff done!

We did manage to get the girl a graduation dress and found a cute dress she can wear to baccalaureate and wear for rush/game days come August. We also found the perfect wedges to compliment both and a nice pair of black flats. So, she is all good now.

The laundry did get done. The house did not get cleaned. The grocery shopping did not get done.

We did buy a new car.

It was one odd weekend. And Monday is here already! Ugh. Yikes.

The oldest will be home on Friday. It is the middle daughter's birthday on Friday. The boy is off to St. Louis on Friday.

Going to be another one of those crazy weeks. Let the games begin.

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Kim Smith said...

Sounds like us. Didn't buy a car though!!