Monday, April 22, 2013

back at it

We had a wonderful weekend! Our visit with the oldest was so much fun. We were able to meet up with hubby's colleague and sat with that group in the skybox for the scrimmage. It was a beautiful day. Had a great dinner with the girl and two of her friends. Spent a nice evening out at the hunting lodge. So pretty. So peaceful out there. I'd love to go back for a long weekend and just relax.

In less than 3 hours we had her room packed up and loaded into the van. She is down to the bare essentials for the last two weeks of school.

All three of us were having a hard time with the whole concept that her first year is almost over.

She will be home in 12 days.


We also got the checklist for all the upcoming senior events for the middle kid. I spent some time updating our calendar with dates and times for awards ceremonies and other festivities that will take place in May.

The school year is winding down. Before I know it we will be heading to Florida for our Memorial Day vacation. Excited to hit the beach and see my folks.

But, first, it is Monday. Off to work I go.

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