Wednesday, April 3, 2013

photo books

Hubby spent some time over the weekend going through the photo files he had on his computer. It was time to organize them and make sure I had all the photos he had so we can begin the next photo book. Last year we put together an album for the oldest as part of her graduation present. We'd like to do the same for the middle kid. Of course, looking through all those pictures gave us plenty of time to think about the last 22 years.

We will be married 22 years on Saturday.

It is funny how memory works. April 6, 1991. I can remember getting my  hair done. Going to the grocery store with my mom to buy odds and ends that she needed. I can remember waiting for the photographer to arrive at the church.  It is like a hodge-podge mish-mash of images and scraps of conversation.  Some of it is just a blur.

I'd really like to put more of these photo books together so we would have nice albums of all the pictures that are just sitting inside my computer. It helps you remember. They are fun to look through.

We had a lot of laughs just going through the few files we tackled. And of course, it reinforced just how quickly the last 22 years have gone by and how close we truly are to having one more baby leave the nest.

I think we are both feeling it. This part of the parenting journey, the next chapter in our lives, a big chapter in their lives is happening while we are busy with the mundane, daily tasks of living.

Yep. I need to make more photo books.

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Travis Erwin said...

Happy anniversary. (in three days)

I graduated high school in May of 91 and that too seems like a blur.