Tuesday, April 23, 2013

could be interesting

I have a meeting first thing this morning at work. It could prove to be very interesting. I'm sensing a glitch in the matrix!

The emails were flying fast and furious yesterday between a few folks. I stayed out of it. The executive director did not and wants stuff settled before she jets off again. She is off to New Zealand and Spain in the next month.

In other news, I haven't read my current Nook book in days. I had loaded a title from Melissa Marr, an author I usually enjoy reading, but I'm really bogged down in this book. I need to finish it off and move on.

The boy starts TCAPs this week. I saw a thread on facebook, one of our municipal school supporter pages, that talked about how some of the teachers are telling the kids that their jobs are on the line based on the students' performance on the test. That is true. The scores are used in a rubric for teacher evaluations. Not sure I like the idea of a teacher putting that kind of pressure on middle school students.

Our son loves taking standardized tests just to see how well he can do. He always does exceptionally well, and often has perfect scores in some sections. So, he isn't stressed at all and TCAP week is probably his favorite week of the year. No homework. Lots of treats after the test. It is a good time for him!

I also learned that two of the toughest, best, no-nonsense teachers at the high school are retiring at year end. I am so sad. I really wanted the boy to get these two ladies. One taught honors Biology and the other honors English I. They set the stage for the girls' success in high school. I can understand why they are retiring now. The mess of a school system that is coming is going to drive folks nuts, and if you are at the end of your career, why stick around for the shenanigans.

It's Tuesday. Let's make it a good day!!

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