Wednesday, April 24, 2013

playing catch up

I finally was able to get my closed cleaned out yesterday. Yeah! I have a huge bag of stuff to go to Goodwill today after work. Some things just really needed to be removed. It looks so much better now!

The desk also received some attention and the filing I had been putting off for a month is now complete. I also managed to get a handle on the laundry.  And I read a few chapters in the Melissa Marr book I am struggling to finish.

Going away for the weekend is fun, but it takes days to get caught up.

I had my performance appraisal, job review, etc. yesterday afternoon. All is well and I even managed to get a salary increase. Times are a bit tough at our association, so any raise is a good raise. I'm happy.

The rain they had been forecasting for yesterday arrived in the early hours of this morning along with thunder and lightning. It woke me up, but I was able to fall right back to sleep. Strange dreams last night. Very odd.

Today is hump day!! Wednesday, here we come!!

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Kim Smith said...

Happy Wednesday, Liz!