Wednesday, September 8, 2010

somedays you are better off not going to the mailbox

The mailbox held two treasures for me yesterday. One was a bill from the youngest's allergist and the other was a letter from the bank. Lovely.  I need to call the first and see what we can do differently at our appointment next week as our insurance doesn't fully cover CT scans....yikes.  The bank letter just means jumping through some hoops, doing some paperwork and signing some papers as an account we have is no longer offered and they want to get that vehicle converted into something different.

After dealing with those two pain in the butt issues, I do get to have my hair cut. Yeah!! 

Still reading the third Kate Daniels book.  I only have about ten pages left, but when the words starting blurring and I read the same sentence a few times, I decided to put it down and go to sleep.

Off to read the paper...happy Wednesday!!

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