Friday, September 24, 2010

and she scores....

Beautiful left footed strike makes its way into the back of the net....oh yeah!  The girls won last night's game 4-0 and my younger soccer chick scored our second goal of the night. A sight to behold and what made it even more special was that she had so many friends there in the stands to see it.  Her old soccer coaches from her Cougar's days were there as well as a former team mate.  Good times on the pitch last night.

I did not even open a book yesterday and with the housework I need to accomplish today, unless I move at a high rate of speed, I doubt I will have the chance to read today.

I'm also expecting the cable people to arrive as we are switching our phone provider over to them and bundling our services into a 'deal' they have going for the next year.

Happy Friday!!

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