Tuesday, September 21, 2010

abby and ophelia

I'm well into what I think might be the final Abby and Ophelia mystery by Shirley Damsgaard.  This has been a nice series. These books always deliver good characters, solid sleuthing and nice pacing.  I don't believe I have enough pages left to see me through a visit to the license branch today, so I most likely will take another book as I attempt to get a car titled and plates switched. Ugh.

General consensus in these parts is that the hot weather needs to exit stage right and allow fall to take center stage.  It is freakishly warm and all of us are ready for a cool down.

I'm anxious to see an article in our local paper about the Friends. I submitted an article that touched on a variety of topics including Anne's death, the upcoming fall sale and the store's third anniversary. The editor contacted me and after asking for more information we agreed that because of the nature of the piece, it would be best for it to appear with her byline. Yeah!  I wasn't happy with the flow of the article and I'm hoping that she can work some magic once she adds her ideas.  She was a dear friend of Anne's as well and we had already spent time talking about how difficult it would be to write an article about her. I'm so thankful for her help.

Off to wake the troops and begin the official day.

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