Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I hightailed it to the Library yesterday to pick up my reserved copy of "Mockingjay."  Once I got home I had a few things to do, including finishing the Karen Harper book, "The Queen's Governess," before I could start reading the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy.

As I mentioned yesterday, I enjoy Harper's take on Tudor England. She does a wonderful job giving life to major historical figures as well as developing the personalities of the supporting cast. I love Harper's Elizabethan mystery series featuring the queen and an assortment of her secret privy council members.

"Mockingjay" plunges right into the action with Katniss visiting the bombed remains of District 12.  I'm only a few chapters into the story, but am already understanding why reviews have been mixed for this novel.  I anticipate finishing it today and returning it soon as I'm sure the hold queue is long.


Kim Smith said...

You are such a great reader! I wish I could read as fast and as often as you do. I am still working through Daniel Silva's latest, The Rembrandt Affair, and omg... it is SOOOOOOOO good!!! I wanna go back and work through his backlist now :)

Liz said...

Kim, I may be, but you are writing again....good for you!