Wednesday, September 22, 2010

and a goal to tie

Middle kid knocked one into the back of the net yesterday to tie up the game. She was at the right place, at the right time and used her LEFT foot.  Awesome. The team had to settle for the tie as no one else could put one in, but it is better than a loss.

They play again tonight, but the big match is Thursday. They are getting ready to stomp on St. B's. and avenge a poor showing against that team a few weeks back.

In other Library news......a small, but important group are getting ready to approach the director about refurbishing the foyer. They've never liked the way it looked, and I have to agree. It has no sense of space, direction, cohesion or theme.

I started reading my first ever L.A. Banks novel.  "Bad Blood" starts off quick and is quite the whirlwind. Tons of world building in extremely short order. I'm enjoying the novel and the characters. I have the first two in the Crimson Moon series.  Might have to suggest they order Banks' vampire huntress novels. I've heard good things about those books.

And it is Wednesday. Yippee:)

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