Thursday, September 2, 2010

Library excitement...along with some football.

I keep seeing these posts about 'the boys of fall' all over facebook.  Yep, lots of serious football fans out there and they are more than ready for the college and pro seasons to begin.  Of course I'm more partial to the 'girls of fall' as my two are well into their soccer season, the true football, at this point.  They won their game last night in an easy match as their other JV cohorts did in a separate match across the county. So, lots of happy young ladies today as victory was sweet for all of them.

The Friends meeting went very well yesterday and was attended by close to 30 people. Always good to have a full house.  We gave money to the library for a new Ellison die cut machine, a last minute request as their machine became broken to the point where it was not fixable any more.  We also supported a new effort to purchase family passes to three area art museums which will now be available for 'check out' to our patrons. With these passes families can visit these institutions for FREE.  How neat is that?!  I'm excited to be able to take all of us on a field trip to these venues and avoid the admission charges.

We also finished donating our big gift to the library for their basic needs in this new fiscal year.  The hope is that the director can get all of these monies accepted by the library board this month and be able to spend the money before month end.  The library board is horrible at meeting on a regular basis and if things weren't in place now, it would be January before she had another opportunity to present the donations to them. Unreal.

As I drove home yesterday I realized I need to get busy on an article for the local paper outlining all of the Friends efforts to date.  I hope to have the article published before our big fall book sale and thus cover a variety of exciting things in one piece.

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