Thursday, September 23, 2010

bad blood

Big bad harvest moon last night brought out all sorts of lovely things.......howling included.  Speaking of things that howl, I finished the "Bad Blood" novel by L.A. Banks. This is the first in the Crimson Blood series.  A lot was packed into this novel, so much world building, myth building etc that at points my head was spinning. I'm hoping the second novel is a bit more 'settled' now that we've been exposed to the concepts that support the plot. 

On the soccer front, the oldest rec'd a red card last night and can't play in today's important game. A bad dropped ball led to her out of the box which led to her fouling a player, and as the last defender...instant red. She thought her sweeper was behind her which would have allowed her to foul and only get a yellow,
but stop the easy shot and force a PK.  It all went south, in a very bad way. She kept her cool and let the ref get in her face, really in her face, and card her up. Her father lost his cool and was asked to leave.

Soccer drama to the max. Apologies have been extended all around. So, off we go into Thursday and the final game of the week.  Thank goodness.

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