Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I finished reading the two LA Banks "Crimson Moon" novels. Ehh.  I liked them, but I won't go searching the shelves for any more of them. They were okay. I might give some of Banks' vampire huntress novels a go and see if those are better.

I've heard a lot about Maggie Stiefvater and her YA books are hard to come by at the Library. They are always checked out.  So, when I found "Lament" on the shelves, I grabbed it.  Good. Stuff.  I have a thing for evil faeries and Stiefvater delivers not only those, but takes traditional faery lore and embellishes it in such a seamless way the original concepts are enhanced. Lots of good faery story details in this one and all the elements are incorporated in the plot.

This book has it all and I can see why teen readers are gobbling up Stiefvater's stories. Romance. Intrigue. Sacrifice.  Basically the same formula that propelled the Twilight books into super stardom, but I like these characters and their world.

In other news, the dress debacle shenanigans continue as my darling daughter is now dreaming she goes to homecoming without a suitable dress and is forced to wear one of my 'old lady' dresses. Oh. Yes. She used those words this morning, then back pedalled into saying that it was a dress that even I didn't like and refused to wear. Nice attempt on the save....hahahahahaha.

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