Friday, September 3, 2010

Sarah Palin and Vanity Fair

I just finished reading a news article summarizing the new Vanity Fair piece on Sarah Palin.  That old saying that even bad press is good press is going to prove true yet again.  Of course, from a journalistic standpoint, I really dislike articles written about anyone when the subject of said article is never interviewed. But.....and here comes the big but, everyone on the planet is defined and viewed through other people's lenses.  Yep. We do define ourselves, but our actions and our interactions also define us and all those folks around us are the ones who accumulate that knowledge and share it with others.

It is possible to get a picture of who Sarah Palin really is by examining what the people who interact with her have to say.  I'm sure some of them have an axe or two to grind. No one moves through life without irritating other people.  But I'm guessing that some folks were probably fairly objective in their comments and just relayed their Palin stories.

It is really too bad that Palin didn't grant access to the writer.  It would have lended another dimension to the article beyond the soundbites and carefully groomed comments she usually makes to the media. A good reporter shadowing her would have been able to gather the details to paint a real picture of who this woman is.

I'm not a Palin fan, in fact, I find her distasteful on many levels, but I know that this article will serve to keep her in the spotlight.  In fact, I purposefully used her name in the title of this post just to see what my stats do on the blog.  Blogger now has a very nifty stat feature that monitors how many page views a blog receives. My highest blog view post came when I titled one entry 'attention span'.  Timing is everything and I'm sure that with the start of school lots of parents and looking for info on that topic and if they bothered to read my blog would have learned in short order that the post had nothing to do with academic learning and everything to do with a middle aged mom who needed a break. Who knows, I might even get some comments from pro-Palin supporters.

Friday is here at last which means a bit of cleaning, a lunch out with a neighbor and a cross county rivals football game tonight.  


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