Tuesday, September 7, 2010

bic also known as butt in chair

I need to sit and go through our membership lists today and compare it to our online mailing list for the Friends. This will not be fun.  We've had a lot of 'cooks' involved in the membership coordinator job for the Friends since the gal who initially took on that monumental task, and did a wonderful job with the work, became sick with cancer.

We now have someone maintaining the rolls, but we split off the work involved in maintaining the online list for the emails we send out to the members.  I get to work on that for the time being. 

With our fall book sale approaching, the sale manager will also be using the list and comparing it to her list...I'm sure she will find errors, deletions and all sorts of problems.

That is my task for the day.   I hope I'm up for the challenge.  I'd like to finish the work in short order so I can get back to reading the third Kate Daniels book. 


Kim Smith said...

Hey sweetie, just popping by. I would love to try to make the book sale... keep me posted!

Liz said...

Will do! Second weekend of October...Fri and Sat from 10-6.