Thursday, January 31, 2013

good old friends

Had a lovely call yesterday from one of my college friends. I met Anne my first week at IU. We were in a Journalism class together and became buddies in a matter of minutes. It was so good to catch up with her over the phone instead of over Facebook.

Another old friend, well her hubby, who is also an old friend, spent an hour of his time last night on a skype call with the oldest. You see, having a physics PhD enables you to tutor Physics 105 with ease. The oldest was super impressed with his mad teaching skills and is much better prepared to take her first exam tomorrow.

It is good to have friends, but it is even better to have old friends. Those folks who have stood the test of time and still stick by you and your kids. They are with you through thick and thin and even physics.

It is Thursday. Our magazine proofs arrived yesterday. I have a lot to do today as we try and wrestle this debut issue into form. It looks pretty good. Not too many things to fix or rework.

Off we go.

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Lisa Shafer said...

The most I know about physics is being able to spell it. :)