Tuesday, January 22, 2013

stop and smell the roses

It was so nice to have yesterday off from work. I was able to take care of all my annual medical exams and have lunch with a dear friend. Good day! I also finished reading one book, one novella, and got one load of laundry finished. It was a good way to end a very good weekend. Saturday, hubby and I ventured all the way in to the big city and had breakfast at one of the premier-favorite-highly regarded breakfast cafes. The food was delicious and totally deserving of all the praise it receives.

One item has been checked off my 2013 to do list. Only 3 more meals to eat at restaurants of note away from our little town.

Up for the rest of the week, well, I'm not quite sure. We have odds and ends to do at work including a 'carry in soup lunch' tomorrow. Those are always fun.

With being in waiting rooms or exam rooms for a good portion of the day, I wasn't able to watch much of the inauguration. I did read the speech. Good Stuff. And the best part was his unscripted moment of turning and savoring the view before him as he left. He was right, that sight is one he will never see again. Being able to recognize and savor those special moments in life is something too many of us don't do. We rush headlong from one thing to the next and forget to acknowledge that moments pass us by, never to return again. If the president can take a few seconds and pause and reflect on what just happened, we surely can do the same in our daily lives. Cliches have truth. We all have moments when we need to stop and smell the roses.

My thanks to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC for sharing that clip. It was important and a good reminder for all of us.

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