Monday, January 14, 2013

slacker weekend

I'm going to pay for this later. I had such a slacker weekend. I did manage to get the laundry caught up, but besides that, nothing else was accomplished on the home front. I didn't even step foot inside a grocery store. I did, however, spend a lovely part of my Sunday afternoon visiting with Kim Smith. So good to see you!! We really need to do that more than  just a few times a year.

Should be an interesting week at work. We will upload all of our stories, articles, and pictures to the graphic design team for the debut issue of the new magazine. Then we will have a conference call with them to discuss the March issue.

And I need to start gathering material for the June issue. The beat goes on.  I also learned late Friday afternoon that work is sending me off to a convention in March. I will get to visit the great state of Texas and check out San Antonio. I've wanted to see the River Walk and now I will get my chance. It will be an interesting week. I'm going on behalf of the magazine and the other gal they are sending is going on behalf of the bookstore/online training departments. Although she isn't one of my work 'buddies,' it is nice that neither of us has to go alone. Being alone at a convention like that is not easy.

So, apparently my fretting about possible 'austerity measures' at work is not grounded in reality, at this point. As the executive director came and asked me if I could go to this convention, I see that as a vote of confidence in me and my position.

It was a bit of good news.

On the reading front, I am almost finished with Julie Kagawa's, "The Lost Prince." Not quite as in love with this story as the other four she has written about the Fae. After I finish this, I need to make a concerted effort to read all the books I have already dowloaded onto the Nook. It is getting a bit crazy. I need to clear the decks.

And for the record, my favorite dress worn at the Golden Globes has to be Taylor Swift's gown. Amazing. So simple, so elegant.

Off into Monday I go!

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Kim Smith said...

It was great to visit with you, Liz. I had fun. And, I think that Brave was the best win of the night for the GGs. I love that movie!!!