Friday, January 4, 2013

the rare friday post, or is this medium rare

We are going to opt for medium rare on this blog post. I may start posting on Friday just so I can sift through what I want to accomplish on the coming weekend. After I get through working at the place that pays me, I will come home and face quite a bit of work at the place where I sleep!

Up first, we have to take the mama-soccer-mobile to the Honda dealership for its 75K mile check up. Yikes. The dealership is a good 45 minute away, but we can have it there by 7:30 in the morning and let them tinker with it all day.

Next, I need to do some grocery shopping. I may try and stop by the dreaded Kroger store on my way  home this afternoon. We really need fruit and milk. We could use some meat, but I think I'm going to save that for the butcher shop and get good beef. I saw on facebook they are having a sale!

I will need to take the oldest shopping to restock her essential items for school. This is mainly toiletries and such. I can't believe she is going back to start the second semester on Monday! Sniff, sniff. I have loved having her home - even if she has been out running around a lot visiting friends.

The library has two books I put on hold ready for pick up! Yes! I can get the latest Dresden Files novel and the Iron Prince by Julia Kagawa. I'm in love with Kagawa's faery world and can't wait to see how Ash goes about getting a soul. Because you know, faeries don't have souls.

The tree and all the Christmas decor is coming DOWN on Sunday as soon as we get home from Mass. The oldest pleaded to leave it all up until right before she went back to school. She didn't get to enjoy it like we did from Thanksgiving on, so I gave in and it is still on display. It has been nice, a wonderful treat in many ways, to get up for work these last three days and see the tree lit up and twinkling at me as I sip my morning coffee.

After the tree comes down, we need to clean and do laundry. It is going to be a very busy weekend.

Happy Friday!

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