Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We had torrential rain last night, but no tornado sirens! Yes!! I actually slept really well for a change.  I guess the oldest will have a delayed start this morning due to the weather. The university is super cautious after the horrific tornado that went through that area a few years back.

The middle daughter collected several soccer sign up sheets and checks and delivered them to the team manager's house. We are hoping that by turning in everything together they will grant our wish and place that group of kids on one team. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one. Watching those kids play soccer would be a great way to spend weekends this Spring.

I am nearing the end of the ebook I am reading. This title was another free one from Nicky Charles and is the third in her werewolf series. So far, I've enjoyed the second title the best. I'm ready to move on.

Keep seeing the movie preview/trailers for "Beautiful Creatures." The authors of that YA series were at our library a few years back. Sort of neat to know we met them and have an autographed copy of that book. I hope the movie is decent. With Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson in the cast, it has some acting chops to help it along. I think Viola Davis is in it too.  Big budget production I guess.

Off into Wednesday I go. I've already had a text message from my boss and he won't be into work today. Stomach bug or some such nonsense.

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Kim Smith said...

Norovirus!!! It has hit my work and they are dropping like flies.