Thursday, January 17, 2013

ready for the weekend

We have a three day weekend ahead. One thing that is a really nice perk about my play of employment is our holiday schedule. We have almost every federal holiday off  plus a few extras. So, there is rarely a month that we don't get a three day weekend. That is perfect for making doctor appointments. I am going to two of them on Monday. Going to be a busy day, but at least I don't have to use PTO to have my physical and such.

Hubby and I have plans for a Saturday morning breakfast date. We may drive all the way into the big city and eat at one of the very famous breakfast diners near the university campus. In the 10 years we've lived here, we've never eaten there. Time to start seeing if all the talk is true.

We may also venture to the cell phone store and see about getting my Christmas present. Yep. I may leave the 'stone ages' and take the leap into the iPhone world. The kids, my boss, and assorted other people all think I'm missing out on a lot of fun by not having an iPhone. Hmmmm. Perhaps. Having one may be quite useful as I travel for work. Sitting in booths at conventions can be a bit dull and if I can play word games with my boss and friends, I could keep myself entertained!

The conference call yesterday went well. We think. The design gal seemed a bit 'out of it.' We weren't sure if she was caught off guard by the fact that instead of a 32 page piece we are going to be closer to 60, or if we really sent her a hot mess in regards to how we organized the content. I'm sure the owner of the company is thrilled that we will owe more money for the production of the piece. Our BOT is thrilled we sold so much ad space. Maybe she just thought her design work was over and when we included two new columnists, she was surprised. Who knows.

We are anxious to see the initial layouts and get this thing off to the printers.  Our first brand new emailed newsletter was sent yesterday afternoon to rave reviews. One of our editorial advisory board members emailed us her congratulations and compliments. Plus, she copied the executive director on the note. Always good when that happens.

So, the boss and I had a good day after several rough ones last week. Things, for the moment, are looking okay-dokey. And it is Thursday. Yeah!

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