Monday, January 7, 2013

this is going to be one long week

I really hope the week flies by, but I fear that it is going to seem extra long. Instead of a 3 day work week, we catapult straight into a full 5 day week at the office.  The hubby heads out of town for a work session and he is taking the oldest with him so he can deliver her to school tomorrow. They are going to watch the BCS National Championship game together tonight.  His work session is in a neighboring county, only about 45 minutes northwest of campus.

Hard to believe the oldest is ready to start her second semester. Hard to believe she is going back to school today. Ugh. I'm going to miss her something fierce.

We took down the Christmas decorations yesterday. I can't remember ever leaving things up until Epiphany Sunday. It was kind of nice to have the tree around that long and to see those lights in the morning. Looking rather bare in the family room today.

The weekend was filled with many, many things and I think we accomplished most of what I had listed on Friday. The only thing we didn't do was go see The Hobbit. Ran out of time. So, maybe this next weekend.

We did get to see the soccer girls play basketball. Well, sort of play basketball. When they describe the half court line as midfield, you know you have some teaching to do! I'm sure our stellar coaching staff can handle it!  The ladies of Team Rondo won and provided the parents in attendance with plenty of reasons to laugh, cheer, and applaud.

I've started reading my third book of the new year. I'm half way into Jim Butcher's latest Dresden novel. Oh, how I love reading about Harry Dresden!!

Off into Monday we go.

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