Tuesday, January 15, 2013

longing for a snow day

My kids are longing for a snow day, but Mother Nature didn't grant their wish. We had some nasty freezing rain yesterday, but school let out after the worst of it rolled through and everyone made it home without trouble. I think it took me five minutes longer and that was from increased traffic. Our local police had shut down our portion of the bypass due to icy conditions, so all those cars came down to the main arteries I use to travel to and from work.

This morning it is quite chilly, but the streets and dry. A good breeze took care of what little water was left. So, off to school they will go and they will carry with them continued hopes for a snow day this school year.

I remember the first year we lived here and school was canceled because we had the threat of snow. All of us just about lost it as we watched the weather folks get so excited over what amounted to a 4 inch snowfall. But, when you live in the South, and the county has just a couple of salt trucks, things get dicey quick. Add to that the fact that most people drive on tires that have little to no tread....yep. A recipe for disaster.

My kids are acclimated by this point and they too freak out over a promise of a few inches of the white stuff.

We all adapt, don't we?

I'm off to work a few minutes early today as I need to leave a few minutes early to make a 3:30 appointment.

Enjoy the day.

****** Update ********* The schools were dismissed 4 hours early. So, the high schooler went from 7-10 today and the middle schooler went from 8-11. I was sent home at 2:00 p.m. The ice is starting to accumulate on everything but the roads at this point. Yuck!!


Lisa Shafer said...

Want snow? Visit Utah.
Of course, we don't have "snow days." As long as the main roads are clear enough for busses to roll out at 6:00 AM, we have school. But snow we have. No problem there.

Liz said...

They just don't have the equipment or knowledge to deal with snow here. Growing up in Indiana, it had to be blizzard like conditions for things to cancel. Now, this freezing rain/ice we are getting, that sent all of us home early today. Even me! My place of employ closed at 2:00 p.m. so we could all get home before it became super icy.