Wednesday, January 23, 2013

no soup for you

I was never a big Seinfeld fan, but the soup nazi episode is pretty hilarious. I'm sure we will hear the "no soup" line today at work. Of course, I'm not taking soup to work. I did last year, but this time I thought I'd take the easy way out and bring a warm dip and some tortilla chips. I bought both at Costco. Such a slacker.

My goal of clearing out my Nook and actually reading the 20+ books I have downloaded over the past year is on track. Right now I've started reading a self published novel about werewolves. It is pretty entertaining.

Brrrr. I'm a bit chilled this morning and wondering why hot flashes don't hit when you need them most?

Off into Wednesday I go. Love that hump day is here already. Having Monday off was so nice!

Enjoy the day. Stay warm. Eat soup.


Kim Smith said...

I am taking my Kindle to work today to get busy on those books, because you are NOT going to beat me on books this year *grin*

Yeah, a hot flash right about now would be awesome...

Lisa Shafer said...

My iPad kindle app had a ton of free cozy mysteries on it that I'd been downloading into my "cloud" for months before I got the iPad. I'm working my way through those. :)