Thursday, April 30, 2009


I made it to our locally owned garden/feed store yesterday after a detour at the car repair garage (picked up a screw in the rear passenger tire) and a quick detour into the local coffee shop for a mango smoothie to bolster my spirits. I selected some beautiful tomato, cuke, green pepper and zucchini plants to try and grow. I then went to the dreaded Wal Mart, which does have a decent garden section, and bought tomato cages and several bags of soil. Once home, I managed to get all of the little veggie sproutlings planted and myself cleaned up before the oldest came rolling in from school.

One of the other soccer parents, who is quite the gardener, told me after I was lamenting that I didn't have a garden, that all those 5 gallon buckets we had stacked in the garage would work. Just be careful of the water and such. So, I'm considering this attempt at gardening my portable garden! I did put a few plants into an actual 'bed' because I do have one in the back corner and the lantana that was in it for two years finally died. That stuff, although it is supposed to be an annual, can become quite weed like.

For right now, I have visions of great home grown veggies this summer. I long for a real garden someday, but this will soothe the craving to grow something edible.

In totally unrelated news, the oldest's soccer team will travel to the state tournament in May.


Elizabeth said...

that is what i do,
put them in buckets, works great!

Liz said...

Good! I'm glad to know I was steered in a proven direction. If they grow and produce veggies, I will post photos:)

Kim Smith said...

cool! i am coming to your house at harvest time :D