Thursday, April 16, 2009

round two

I'm back at the library today to put the final polish on the book sale set up. Yesterday went so smoothly, good crew, good books to put out, just quality all around! I was very pleased. I was home about an hour before I planned, so I laid on the bed and dove into Karen Chance's third Cassie Palmer book, "Embrace the Night." Wow. This author has no qualms about grabbing her reader by the throat and hurling her into one fight/flight scene after another in the first few pages. Love it!

Didn't come home with any books yesterday, but I may do a bit of shopping today. I need to find the required reading list for the 10th grade honors English class and stock up for the oldest kid.

Happy Thursday:)

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Anonymous said...

Ok, i just finished reading
Middlesex, which was way toooo heavy of a read for my state of mind right now. Next up - do you recommend first - one of Jeanine Frost's or the other author you read last weeK? Karen Chance. Have not read either author before. Thanks! I also have Plum spooky waiting, maybe i'll read that oen first, i know it'll be a good easy follow up to Middlesex!