Friday, May 1, 2009

when pigs fly

Yep, the swine flu 'pandemic' has hit my fair town. The local Catholic grade school had news helicopters hovering overhead yesterday as the kids were dismissed for the next seven days. Guess my crew won't be going to PRE this week since they will have to disinfect the building. Heard from one of my fellow soccer moms that Target is wiped out of wipes and hand sanitizer. Heard from the pharmacist at my grocery store that there are no masks to be had anywhere.

Can you say panic? We actually got an email from the soccer association to let us know they were keeping an eye on the situation in case games needed to be canceled.

OMG. It isn't the plague........everybody take a deep, calming breath through your mask and sanitize your hands as you repeat after me: This too shall pass.

Until the next crisis.


Elizabeth said...

For Pete's sake!

Anne's BLOG said...

If the media would cool it, the "crisis" would not be as frightening.

Kim Smith said...

Isn't this crazy??
I think it's a great way to beef up the recession, because everyone will be staying at home not spending money!

Anonymous said...

our schools are close for 2 weeks. So are the libraries,churches, etc...
BTW: the mask do nothing to stop it.
I wonder what the real scoop is behind this?