Wednesday, April 29, 2009

reading three books at a time can make a girl a bit nutty

I'm reading three books right now. I started Linda Howard's "Open Season" while I was at the bookstore yesterday. When I wasn't reading, I scanned the shelves and did a bit of organizing and found the first "Dresden Files" book by Jim Butcher. I took that book with me to the soccer fields last night and started it before kickoff. I'm also reading the third P.C. and Kristin Cast vampire book when the oldest kid isn't.

I very seldom do this, but for some reason, this is what is going on with my reading life at the moment. It is scattered, haphazard and jumbled up all at the same time. Sort of like my life right now!

May looms ahead and the last month of school is a hectic mad dash to the finish. I guess it has just started early this year, at least by a few days. Add into that the library stuff that is lingering on my plate, and I've got quite a mess to keep untangled. I'm trying very hard to begin to cut ties with my volunteer duties at the library and figure out what my new role will be when my term as the store 'manager' ends in September. The store has dominated my life for the past two years and I'm anxious to move on and begin some new things.

I think I may take up yoga; good for the body and the mind and totally unrelated to books, the library and my current life.

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Elizabeth said...

yoga is on my list too,,,,
keep me posted!