Thursday, April 2, 2009

omens, portents and dreams

I've been dreaming of babies.

Okay, now that you've fallen off of your chair and reseated yourself, let me explain.

A few weeks back I had a very vivid dream in which my middle kid was watching an infomercial and adopted an Asian child via the television. A beautiful baby girl was delivered to our house and I woke up to find my kid cuddling the infant in the family room. I sputtered about how she would care for the baby when she was at school and she of course said she'd leave the baby to me during the day. To which I answered, think again, little miss. We've all had quite the chuckle over this dream.

Last night I had a dream about two babies...both born prematurely and both abandoned. Very sad, but the babies were being well cared for and while I was not tempted to adopt them, I helped with their care.

Now, I think I can fairly easily conclude that these baby dreams are the result of a few things going on. For one, hubby has a cousin whose wife is studying to be a nurse and she is on facebook a lot chatting about her tour of OB and Peds. Ah hah! One reason...I'm reading about babies and infants almost every day.

If I get more philosophical I could also state that spring is my favorite season, a time of renewal and rebirth, hence the baby theme in my dreams.

I could also tie it into the fact that as my time at the bookstore winds down, I'm about to hand off my 'baby' into someones loving arms and walk away. I will take on some sort of new project and endeavor, but have yet to decide just exactly what that will be.

Okay, I'm not ready to hang out my dream analysis shingle just yet, but I think I have some viable solutions as to why when I close my eyes at night, wee ones are taking center stage.


Anne's BLOG said...

My grandmother used to say "Be careful what you wish for...for you shall surely get it." and more importantly: "If you tell your dream before breakfast it will come true."
I don't know that either of these sayings is as ominous as it sounds, but beware.... :-)

Liz said...

I've heard both of those sayings and if for some reason a real baby enters our lives, it would be a miracle of biblical proportions!!