Tuesday, April 14, 2009

at grave's end

Finished off Jeaniene Frost's "At Grave's End" last night, her third Night Huntress novel. Went through this book like I can go through a box of Girl Scout Trefoil cookies.

Cat, the half vampire and Bones, her vampire husband, are back in action fighting evil vampires and dealing with a very nasty Egyptian gal from Bones' past. Good main plot, lots of very fun side plots, including one with Vlad T (yeah, that one), tons of fight scenes, and good romance all whipped together into a rollercoaster read of a book. Frost knows how to pace her plots and she keeps her reader fully engaged and turning pages.

Today I get to take Duke to the vet for his annual checkup. Joy. Not quite his favorite thing to do, althought at least he doesn't get car sick like he used to.

Happy Tuesday....tomorrow starts the big book sale set up at the library.


Kim Smith said...

Poor old Duke dog :( give him a hug for me!

Have you read the stuff on The Last Queen by CW GORTNER? I got it!! SO far it is fabulous, and one that I think you would love.

He will be on my radio show in May!

Don't forget Charlotte Hughes is on the show tonight!

Liz said...

I haven't read that book, but after hopping over to BN.com, I need to read it:) I get first dibs on your copy when you are finished:)