Wednesday, April 15, 2009

let the set up begin

I'm headed over to the library today to help set up for the spring book sale. I get to work on the hard back fiction, a very good spot for me. I'm interested to see just how many books we have this time around. The used bookstore has been doing so well and we've been much more vigilant about the quality of the items we pack for the biannual sales. I hope we don't have boxes of unpacked books under the tables like we've had in the past.

Set up is always fun; lots of good chatter, plenty of good food and plenty of physical and somewhat mindless labor. All you need to know is the alphabet....which some days can be a challenge, but I will make sure and drink plenty of coffee before I arrive.

The dog was a total dithering idiot spaz yesterday at the vet. You'd think he'd been tortured at some point by a person in a white coat....or blue scrubs. Unreal. One vet and four techs later, they managed to draw blood and administer his rabies shot. I also walked out with his heartworm meds and several tables of a doggie downer for his next visit. "Just to take the edge off" the vet said. Hey, do you have those for me too???? We both got home and collapsed.

Have a good Wednesday:)

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