Monday, April 13, 2009

white witch black curse

Before I launch into a very short review of the latest Kim Harrison book, just a quick update. Easter was very nice indeed. Had a wonderful dinner with the neighbors, enjoyed good conversation and we are all well rested and well fed to begin TCAP week for the middle schooler and the elementary student.

Back to the book....

I love the Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison. Who wouldn't enjoy an urban fantasy series where the human population has been decimated by lethal, genetically mutated tomatoes allowing the vamps, weres and witches to leave the shadows and take front and center? Rachel is a witch who, through a series of very entertaining books, has gained quite a bit of 'smut' on her soul from dealing with demons as she's rescued a variety of people who needed saving. She couldn't, however, rescue a very important person to her and this book finally reveals what happened to him and how and why. All the other characters are back, even Pierce, a dead witch, who is now a ghost, and starred in a novella a few books back. Glad to see Pierce get more 'page' time. The book started a bit slow for me, but by half way through things were moving along nicely and I settled in to enjoy the always entertaining story Ms. Harrison delivers.

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