Monday, April 27, 2009

caution, rainy days ahead

The weekly weather forecast is located on the last page of the sports section in our newspaper. I often turn to that first to see what I will be up against for the next several days as I seldom watch TV in the morning. Other than today, rain is predicted every day this week.

Of course, that doesn't bode well for the three soccer games we have on the schedule, or the 4 practices, or the weeding I need to do again in the flower beds or the grass mowing that should happen. But, the good thing is, often the weather prognosticators are wrong. So, I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well and we can get everything done we need to get done this week.

The huge soccer weekend we had turned out pretty well. The oldest kid's team went 1-1-1 and the middle kid's team went 1-o-2. Both played well and came out injuries is always a good thing after that many games in that short of a time frame.

The youngest endured being at the fields for 6 hours on Saturday and 3 yesterday. Of course, the food cart helped as did ice cream afterwards down at the square on Saturday. Nothing like a twist cone to sweeten his disposition.

I finished the Karen Miller "Empress" book....interesting read. I'm always intrigued how you develop a sympathetic character and then gradually devolve the character into a very unlikeable person. Haunting book in many ways. I also read the second P.C. and Kristin Cast book. Loved it. Can't wait until the oldest brings home book three...we are borrowing them from a friend as the Library never has these books on the shelf and to buy the whole series would be quite an outlay of cash.

Happy Monday!

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