Monday, February 1, 2010


We only saw a bit of snow, but the rain and sleet we did see managed to freeze over everything and caused power outages all across the area. The kids are still out of school today as the county system shut down due to icy roads north of us. All of our roads are clear and dry, but we do have some major trees down across sidewalks and driveways. We even lost power for a bit yesterday although it was sunny, calm and the ice was melting. We were without power for a good 6 hours on Friday/Saturday.

Besides cooking all day Friday and having the hubby cook most of Saturday, we watched some TV, played some video games and did quite of bit of reading. Hubby and the youngest completed the required science project. The oldest and the middle kid did their homework.

So, I guess today will be a play day for them. I have an eye appointment and need to get to the grocery store for the week's supply of foodstuffs.

I finished Chevalier's "Remarkable Creatures" and have started reading a book titled "The White Mare" by Jules Watson. This one is set in Scotland during the first century and encompasses Agricola's attempt to invade that part of the island. So, far so good.

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