Tuesday, February 16, 2010

happy anniversary

Today is my parent's wedding anniversary. When over half the marriages end in divorce, celebrating anniversaries, especially those that honor multiple decades of togetherness, are important.

So, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!! They celebrate 47 years today and that is an achievement. They are sneaking up on the "50" number!!

We did a whole lot of nothing yesterday. Well, the girls did get to the library to work on some research for school projects and we did manage to eat up some of the leftovers from the weekend. We also watched back to back episodes of Supernatural on TNT during their holiday marathon. I did one load of laundry. We watched it snow, and snow, and snow. But, the roads and sidewalks stayed clear and school is in session today.

And. that. was. it.

Let's hope we can all be more productive today!

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